Upper West Side Residence

Remodel of an Upper West Side co-op for a large family with close Scandinavian ties

Overlooking the Natural History Museum on New York’s Upper West Side, the client wanted to create a gallery-like feel while retaining the warmth of a family home for their four kids. Having strong Scandinavian connections, the home is extensively lined with custom millwork and gallery detailing.  

Project date


Project location

New York, NY


Design team


Koko Architecture + Design

Primary responsibilities:

  • Survey existing conditions

  • Produce construction documents

  • Develop millwork package

  • Specify interior finishes and lighting

  • Review submittals

Family living in the City

As a previously combined apartment, the existing layout was winding and incoherent. As a large family with four kids, the brief called for the an addition of a bathroom and additional storage.

The second entrance was blocked off to create an urban garage, and the separated living areas combined into one great living space. The bedrooms remained in their existing locations with built-in storage throughout.


Borrowing space

Two boys sharing one bedroom gained storage, generous workstations and platform beds by borrowing space from their sister's neighboring bedroom, which in turn became a cosy reading nook.


Architectural detailing

Keeping the lines as pure as possible, reveals were detailed throughout so that no two surfaces seem to connect - rather glide next to one another.