Space 194

A new concept art gallery and tea house in New York City's East Village

The founders’ vision is to fuse local artists’ work together with the art of brewing tea. As an emerging brand, the space needed to differentiate itself from other similar businesses, while combining the functional requirements of a sit-down cafe and art gallery.

Project date


Project location

New York, NY


Design lead


Koko Architecture + Design

Primary responsibilities:

  • Survey existing conditions

  • Concept and design development (all phases)

  • Submit DOB application package and obtain permit 

  • Produce construction documents, review submittals and respond to RFI’s 

  • Conduct weekly site meetings, manage budget and schedule

Singular space

The seating and tables distill to a strong, singular element - a bench clad in the same material as the floor, penetrated by tables at varying heights.  This becomes the only structure in the space, allowing patrons to focus on the art and tea.



A monochromatic palette is complimented by the introduction of a rustic wood bar and irregular shaped lacquer tables of moss green and sky blue.