Shed Light

Outdoor pavilion experimenting with passive city light at the Light in Winter festival in Melbourne, Australia

Project date


Project location

Melbourne, Australia

Design team


DiMase Architects

Shed Light is a month-long series of light installations in Federation Square as part of Melbourne’s annual Light in Winter Festival. DMA’s selected entry saw Shed Light as an opportunity to create a structure that responds to sunlight, moonlight and the light of the city, creating a structure that interacts with passive light rather than join the city in consuming more energy. 

Primary responsibilities:

  • Concept and design development

  • Generate and edit competition imagery

  • Assist in production of construction drawings

  • Coordinate with fabricator

Australian Gum Leaf

The harsh climate of Australia means shade is an integral part of everyday life. The design took inspiration from the simple curves of a native gum tree leaf and formed a simple shelter under which to enjoy the city. 


Passive light

The competition called for pavilions which provide light in winter, however Shed Light uses the passive light from the city as it's illumination. The cooler panel surfaces are sliced with openings to allow the city light to penetrate into the shelter, and the panels themselves in turn glow depending on their environment.