Oasis Tower

17 story mixed-use condominium in Taiwan, Taipei with curved glass facade

The Oasis Tower is designed to be a relief from the extreme heat and humidity of Taipei, combining New York style with more traditional Taiwanese living standards. 

Having worked on the design for several years, the lot was re-zoned and is proceeding as a fully commercial building.

Project date



Design team

Project location

Taipei, Taiwan


Koko Architecture + Design

Primary responsibilities:

  • Concept and design development

  • Space plan apartment layouts

  • Assemble and edit client presentations

  • Research and specify FF&E

Green Roof

Both residential and commercial tenants have access to a private 'oasis' on the building's roof, which includes intensive green roof to combat the city's heat island effect. 


Modular facade

The curved glass facade is comprised of four modules based on different radii interchange order on each floor.  The louvered facade houses the balcony and necessary mechanical spaces.



An awning extends over the public street to offer relief to passers by and residents alike.


The building's vertical louvers embellish the street side arcade to shade the retail units and pedestrians from the Taiwanese sun, while allowing a diffuse light to penetrate the space.