Matilda Bay Brewery

The introduction of a tasting room, bar and restaurant into an existing commercial brewery

Matilda Bay Brewery wanted to open their doors to the public so their product could be enjoyed right at the source, and saw a disused loading dock as a good opportunity for a restaurant. The project occurred in two phases - first getting the bar and food facilities in place, second the restaurant's dining area. 

Project date


Project location

Melbourne, Australia


Design team


DiMase Architects

Primary responsibilities:

  • Work closely with project architect on detail design, phase I

  • Spec light fixtures and finishes, phase I

  • Concept design, phase II

  • Construction documents, phase II

Minimal separation

The Matilda Bay Brewery wanted to create a tasting room, bar and restaurant within their brewery and bottling factory, but patrons would need to be safely separated from the commercial activities.As such the perimeter is wrapped in reinforced chain link fence only, with a 60" zone of concrete floor painted in safety yellow.


Interiors & acoustics 

Remaining true to it's commercial setting the finishes and detailing were kept industrial and utilitarian. One of the main considerations was acoustics - both from patrons and machinery in operation. Where possible finishes were fragmented and suspended to break up the expansive, hard surfaces and diffuse sound reverberation.



Being located in a heavy industrial area the addition to the public entry was kept deliberately subtle. When not open, the roll down gate hides all evidence of the hospitality venue inside.