Hudson House

Architectural concrete residence for a contemporary art collector in the Hudson Valley, New York

Taking a u-shaped form wrapping the peak of a mountain overlooking the Hudson Valley, this private residence was designed to take full advantage of the site's natural beauty and expansive views. 

Project date

2015 - 2018


Design team

Project location

Hudson, NY


Koko Architecture + Design

Primary responsibilities:

  • Produce construction drawings

  • Detail design millwork

  • Specify interior finishes and lighting

  • Review submittals

An​ occupiable sculpture

The main living spaces are elevated to the same level as the mountain peak - the result being a plan permeated by landscape; the expansive views of the landscape being pulled right into the interior living space through proximity to the untamed landscape in the courtyard.

Architectural concrete

Detailed to emphasize the planar nature of the floor and roof plates,  the exterior facade is largely glazed, with angular columns continuing from the ground through to the roof.


From the living spaces the facade to the courtyard is exclusively frameless glass to minimise the separation between the interior and exterior space.

Where possible the raw concrete structure is exposed throughout the interior.


Large format porcelain tile fully wraps the master bath. Here the tub carves into the floor plate immersing the bather in the monolithic structure of the house. A floating teak mat covers the adjoining shower floor and continues through to the exterior terrace with additional outdoor shower.