Chroma Tower

Located in Taiwan, this 13 story mixed-use tower enlivens the facade using deep chromatic window boxes

Project date


Project location

Taiwan, Taipei

13 story mixed-use development in Taipei, the scope of the project involves the design of the facade and common spaces for residents including the lobbies, courtyard and roof deck. The developer is an avid supporter of the arts and community, as such design team developed a scheme incorporating deep aluminum window frames in cool greens on the south and warm reds on the north facades as a nod to their vibrant collection of contemporary art.


Design team


Koko Architecture + Design

Primary responsibilities:

  • Produce presentation drawings

  • Assemble and edit client presentations

  • Research material and finish specifications

  • Post production on visualizations

Window frames

The deep window frames offer some protection from the often harsh Taipei sun. At times the glazing pulls deeper into the building to create a balcony within the frame, or an additional perforated handrail extends to create a floating balcony. Shading and mechanical systems are integrated within the frames for consistent fenestration.

Common Spaces 

With a rigorous grid on the facade, the common spaces introduce more casual, curved lines for the materials and surfaces to follow. These, coupled with bright colors aim to generate a playful, welcoming environment for residents and guests.

Green roof

The proposal includes a green roof to counter heat island effect and provide a playful escape from the city below.

There are over a dozen specified materials or plants, each designed to hold a consistent height when used - forming seating, flowerbeds or shade.

From above, this colorful pixelated roof would provide respite from the monotonous urban sprawl surrounding it.

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