A Sense of Place

Exhibition of the work of Irish architect Robin Walker, exhibited at the Irish Architectural Archive

Project date


Project location

Dublin, Ireland

Project contributor


Walker Architects

A Sense of Place was an architectural exhibition displayed in the Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin examining the work of Robin Walker - a prolific architect attributed with bringing modernism to the fore in Ireland. The project involved fabricating large scale physical models of some of his most influential works, while concurrently filming the documentary “Talking to my Father”, which went on to be screened at film festivals around the globe, including the 2015 Architecture and Design Film Festival in New York.  

Primary responsibilities:

  • Research and organize architectural documentation

  • Digitize hand drafted architectural drawings

  • Specify materials for architectural model production

  • Prepare files for lazer cut fabrication

  • Catalogue photographs and edit for exhibition

Modernism in Ireland

Graduating from University college Dublin in 1946, Walker went on to work at le Corbusier’s studio in the rue de Sèvres in Paris and study under several former Bauhaus professors in the USA including Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. On his return to Ireland he enjoyed a prolific period of work through the 60's and 70's with such works as Wesley College, the St. Columba’s College Science Building, the PMPA headquarters, and the Restaurant Building at U.C.D. (pictured). 


Private homes

Walker worked on several private homes in his time including one for his own family at St Mary's Lane Dublin (pictured top), Bótharbuí in Co. Cork, and the O’Flaherty House in Kinsale (pictured).